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The blog has been moved off of Yahoo's hosting since they are lame. The new home is here under the Bleach Burnout site until I can get the rest of the site out of Yahoo hosting. The main issue is time. Since the site was build with the Yahoo Sitebuilder it can't be used with other sites that are hosted elsewhere. So for the time being the Main site will be hosted at Yahoo, and the FLog will be hosted here.

If you found you way here, this is just a place holder page. The main site is at and it contains the Automotive Calculators, Project and Tool reviews you might be looking for.

To get to the GTSparkplugs FLog all you need to do is click GTSparkplugs FLOG

To get BACK to the main site click here And some quick links to the cars are below. For contact information check out the site home page.

Sunbeam Tiger My 66 Sunbeam Tiger

GT40 Work In Progress RCR GT40 Replica

VSE Cobra Herb Adams (Matt Adams) VSE Backbone Cobra, 468 Aluminum Block Chevy

The Ripper Mustang The Ripper 65' Mustang Retro R-Model